Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Contiued research in the Pan American Bulletin

Some difficulties that I have been having in my research are staying focused and finding references to the Pan American Union Men’s club. The bulletin of the Pan American Union contains a vast amount of information that has a broad range of topics. Due to this, while skimming the bulletin, I am often distracted by articles that have no value to my research but are interesting. I find it interesting to compare the distribution of industries in a particular country in the early 20th century to modern distribution of industries found on the CIA world fact book. This has no value to understanding a growing Pan Americanism but I find it interesting. Another topic the usually does not hold any value to my research but I often get distracted by is articles describing the production of certain goods at the time. Reading these is like watching “How it’s Made” on the History channel and I find it fascinating.
               These distractions are not as damaging to my research as the second problem. I have found very few references to the Pan American Union Men’s club in the Bulletin. I feel as if I am missing references because of a lack of knowledge on the Men’s club. I am having trouble finding background information on the Men’s club. I’m going to ask Dr. Berger where I can find out more information of the Men’s Club so my research will not suffer.

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